New Technology of Construction

New Technology for Construction

No. Name of Invention Developer Registration Date Registration Period Note
1 Concrete Repair & Resurfacing Method for Decks of Bridges Under Public Service Using Very-Early-Strength Latex-Modified-Concrete (VES-LMC) Samwoo IMC co., Ltd. Choi Sang-Reung, Yun Kyoung-Ku 2004.10.04 2004.10.04 ~ 2012.10.03 No. 427
2 Post-tensioned Concrete Pavement(PTCP) Method of Introduction Prestress into Road Concrete Pavement Slabs and Using Gap Slabs and Armored Joints Samwoo IMC co., Ltd.
IUCF of Kangwon National University
IUCF of Ktung Hee University
2010.06.09 2010.06.09 ~ 2015.06.08 No. 607
3 Maintenance and Repair Method for Bridge Surfaces and Concrete Pavements by Constructing Slag Fine Aggregate Replacement Very-Early-Strength LMC with Dedicated Equipment(SMAT-CON) Method Samwoo IMC co., Ltd. 2012.06.21 2012.06.21 ~ 2017.06.20 No. 665
4 Continuously Reinforced Concrete Pavement Technology through Simultaneous Automatic Placement of Longitudinal Reinforcement with a Mechanical-Placement Machine and Concrete Pavement(MRCP Method) SAMWOO IMC co., Ltd. 2014.08.26 2014.08.26 ~ 2019.08.25 No. 745





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