Waterproofing Asphalt

Material Properties

What is waterproof type low noise pavement?

- Pavement method of which non-consolidation rubber asphalt waterproof layer fills pore of water drain asphalt to form impermeable waterproof layer in the lower part and drain layer in the upper part.

  • Straightening pore: Noise reduction/Drain performance improvement – Straightening pore distribution through adjustment of grain size
  • Using SAM aggregate: Noise reduction/Durability increase – Flexible aggregate supply, easy control of grain size
  • AP content increase: Increase durability – Use fiber additives, contributes to improvement of durability


- Waterproof layer is formed in the lower part of permeable mixture to protect lower part surface against permeating rain perfectly.

- Improves stability of pavement comparing to general permeable pavement.


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