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 13 years has passed since our establishment. We thank many stakeholders for their continued instruction and guidance. SAMWOOIMC CO., LTD., equipped with company philosophy of “responsible companies to our customers," "Enterprise with its autonomy soaked", and “Company that put its technology into practice with honest”, makes its efforts to become a company that is consistently committed to directly giving construction service with its own developed technology, a construction-specialty company.

 Based on the technology developed and achieved so far, we are going to develop our new concrete pavement technology further and persistently makes further devotion to become the No. 1 company in the world.

 SAMWOOIMC CO., LTD has established itself by putting into practice a corporate culture of " empowerment by high-level judgment standard” , "conviction of concentration with a wide and deep thinking ability " and "fusion through uniqueness between individuals or teams". Now, the company has built its strong roots that can withstand strong wind blowing.

 SAMWOOIMC CO., LTD will contiguously develop itself to become a core company that fulfills its role as a social presence.
We expect your continued guidance and love. Thank you.


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