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Company Overview

SAMWOO IMC Co., Ltd is a small giant representing Korea civil works industry,
having the world best technology in newly-constructed
pavement, maintenance and repairs of roads and bridges.


Established in August, 2003, We, SAMWOO IMC Co., Ltd, are a specialty contractor participating in research, development and construction focused on road facilities in order to be No. 1 company leading the world with the original technologies of Korea construction industry.

Dear customers and the related companies visiting homepage of SAMWOO IMC Co, Ltd, we are deeply appreciating for your interests and loves. SAMWOO IMC Co, Ltd, based on advanced thoughts, technology development surpassing the limit and plenty of construction experiences, are concentrating all our energy on enriching our life quality.

Company Name SAMWOO IMC Co., Ltd
C.E.O Kim Ki Hyun
Establishment August 13, 2003
Main Business Pavement works and facilities maintenance business
- Pavement for bridges and repair and repaving of concrete deck
- Repair and repaving of concrete pavement road and plaza
- New concrete pavement road
- Pavement of toll gate and overloaded vehicle control section
- Pavement of harbor and air port

Core Values

SAMWOO IMC Co., Ltd is practicing customer satisfaction through the best technology and corporate culture based on Autonomy, Responsibility and Honesty.

Corporate Philosophy

“Company is the base for all employees to spread out their dreams and ideals and seek their happiness and worth and plays the right role as Company in the society.”

Corporate Culture

- Practice of ‘Autonomy by high standard judgment criteria’
- Practice of ‘Conviction by concentration of wide and deep thoughts’
- Practice of ‘Convergence by uniqueness between individuals or teams’

Company Policy

- Company assuming the responsibility to customers
- Company preserving autonomy
- Company practicing technologies honestly

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